ValyJs Why?

New job, new application,new ideas!

After getting the hang of the application I am taking care of I star noticing the same code repeating. And after taking a look at some other web pages I see the same things repeating.

As a fair warning we are talking about javascript here so the work code is and will be used in its widest definition.

function foo(){
  var element = $("elementId");
  if(element != null){
    //do something

or the classic one where an anonymous object is passed to a function and they check for each and every member of the object…

function bar(user){
    // use the users name
  // dosomething else
    // now it's safe to use the surname

And now imagine that a million times over all the files that compose the client site part of the application.

Yes that makes Dejan quite unhappy 😦

So this is where ValyJs comes into play. I would not call it a complete product but I wrote up some helper functions that can aid those common scenarios.

Now you can write it like this.

function foo(){
    elementId : "elementId",
    func : function(element){
      // do your stuff here


Is this better? I think that it is more readable if nothing else. If nothing else it is consistent.

For the second scenario. We can check for all members up front.

function bar(user){

  // do your stuff

I to hope that this is better.

There is still a long way to go till I get this to version 1, currently I have it at version 0.1.1 and it is working.

What I need now is some creative input to get something that is actually usable.

So anyway you can go and check it out here: