Day 2 – what the frack happened to you

Well some of you have maybe noticed that there has been no day 2 following my day 1. This is mostly because nothing extraordinary happened on the other days and there were other things that prevented me from writing on my blog.

First of all on Tuesday that week I got a horrific fiver. So that I could barely attend the classes, but I managed to pull it through. So that explains the absence of the missing posts from the 8.19.2011 to 8.13.2011.

When the fiver subsided another thing popped up, or better, popped away. When I had my fiver my body somehow refused to smoke. After I started felling better the non-smoking continued. After smoking for X+ years I just wanted to see how long I can go without.

And to be honest today is day # 20! I do not want to jinx it but I think that there is a slight possibility that I am will join the quitting site of the smoking area.

Until now I have not smoked 400 cigarettes and saved myself around 60 EUR. And I am continually contemplating if I should invest this saved money into Deus Ex for the PS3. To this day I am still thinking about it!

But the back to the reason no posts have been written: The computer was the place where I smoked the most. And so this because the place where I was the least, because the temptation is the strongest here.

I am slowly learning to live without the 5min breaks that were my cigarettes but it is a day to day struggle.

Thx for reading