Google Reader going off-line

Being thrilled was not my reaction when my Google Reader item list informed me that my favorite and only news aggregation is “going out of business”!

GoogleReaderOff-lineI do not understand this decision here. The application is working, the user base is big. So why are they closing it down? Some say that the want to focus on other products, but if that is so then are there not other candidates to close down before we go for this one. Guess not. Some say that they want to focus on Google+, if that is the case then I will be quite disappointed.

So what now? Find an alternative I guess. This will not be easy. But at this point I have “something” that is working.

Its feedly and till now it looks nice. But there are some things that still annoy me. But because I want to do a full post on just feedly going into detail at this point would be counterproductive.

So until next time


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