I love nHibernate but…

There are just to many assemblies to include to get it running. In my little fantasy idealistic world the main features of nHibernate would be contained in one assembly that would not clog up the references if the project and make it dependent upon to many things.

Before you will burn me on the stake for taking a swing on your favorite OR-mapper hear me out. In the old days where people/software were happy if they could replace their 50+ lines of ADO.NET code with 5 XML files nHibernate was the bomb. All that you needed was one assembly and you were done. Today the situation is somewhat different. I personally expect an OR mapper to deliver:

  • Basic OR mapping functionality
  • Fluent configuration
  • A Linq provider
The situation now is that each of this is a separate assembly. And I do not like this. This means that I must have three assemblies where only one should be, making my projects “bloated” and my bin folder looking like a dump.
I do not see a reason why this can not be included in the main distribution of nHibernate and my hopes are high that this will be the case in the near future.

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