Resharper 5.1 first look’s

About a year ago I started using JetBrains reSharper or R# for shorts and have been hooked ever since.

So it came naturally that I followed the upgrade wave and installed R# 5.1. And I must say that I blew me away on more than one level. The refactoring and navigation support is as good as ever and the integration with VS 2010 is flawless. But there was a dark side to the upgrade.

While my PC at home had no problem running VS2008 with R# 4.* and VS2010 also did not impress my little dual-core machine, but at soon as R# 5.1 was installed the computer just stopped.

I hist major performance problems. Especially when the background “compiler” kicked in. The feature set is impressive but still I find it hard to use because writing “return foo;” takes 30 sec+.

I will come back with another post describing all the cool pictures. But just had to get the little performance problem out of the door.

And now off to my well deserved vacation πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Resharper 5.1 first look’s

    • That was quick…Respect. I will send you a mail with my complete set-up ass soon as I get behind the troublesome PC πŸ™‚

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