Windows 7 – my first look

Finally I came around to trying out windows 7. I did not go the hardcore way and installed it directly on my laptop but used the magic of virtualization and installed it in a WM.

I find it kinda sad that the new OS has no fancy name but only a number. Well I guess it’s back to the roots. Or am I missing something?

On the other I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the installer. It all but eliminates the need for a brain to install it. So I guess that some people will be out of their money because of that. But then again maybe the people are so traumatised by the last windows installers that they will still rely on “qualified” people to do the installation for them. Just to give you a feel for the installer here is a picture.

windows 7 installation screen

windows 7 installation screen

Well this is it. There is only this screen informing you about the progress of the installation and one that I have no image of. Well in my oppinion it is not important because you only select the culture settings for your OS. But not all te culture setting. Just the OS language and the keybord language. This has really got simple.

After staring into this screen for like 15 minutes (depending on your computer, my WM is not the fastest out there) you are directly thrusted into the user setup screen. No problems there to. Just enter a user name and a password and you are directed to your new desktop.

Windows 7's desktop

Windows 7's desktop

Untill now I was kinda happy with the visual design of W7 but latest here I had to smile. A FISH?!? Ok I am cool with the whole tranquility of the sea idea but a FISH?! And not even a happy fish. After looking at it for like five minutes I figured that eighter it drowning (funny boubles comming out of it) or it was EMO. I am still deciding. But I hope they will change the image.

So lets leave the EMO/drowning fish allone and focuse on all the other things that I noticed playing with it. But first let me tell you that this is just the barebone installation of windows. No additionl tools or apps installed.


  • Resources: After getting used to the resource swine that is winsows vista seeing windows 7 makes my heart smile. After booting up the ram consumption peaked out at 300MB. Compared to the 700 MB of vista this is quite good. I guess I will have to install it on my acer netbook in the near future.
  • Visual design: Not taking the fish into account I find that windows 7 looks quite good. It kinda keeps in style with vista but is different enough so that it can not be confused.
  • Updated tools: Some of the standard tools got a face lift and were added some new features. This was long overdue. Sadly not all got the grace of update.
  • File organization: In vista we only had the media library. Now we will have additional libraries. One of them will be the document library. Have to play more with it but the first impresion is quite good.


  • Notepad: Still the old notepad. When will they update this tool. I know that no one uses it but please there are just times when we are forced to use it. And we don’t like it!
  • New taskbar: We have to let it settle I know. And I do not think that quick lunch/active applications mash up. I can kinda live with no text beside the icons, but I can see that this will cause some problems. What I find disturbing is that when you resize the taskbar it looks like something the cat dragged in. And the “show desktop” button is just a little to hidden.
  • VPN: Slow. Nothing more to tell about it.
  • Internet explorer: It is not the fact that it is there, but the fact that it is like it is. You would expect that a browser that is used by so many people would start getting frendly to developers. But not yet. Maybe in IE8.

The verdict

So what is my personal oppinion? Like someone cares. But still I will write it down. First look impresion is positive. The system is stable and running without overheating your system. Let’s see what will come out of this. I hope this one will find more acceptance than vista.

It is to early to fell a final verdict so I guess I will play with it a little more and the nwrite a second post with more pictures and more impresions.


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